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How Long Do You Need to Study in Australia to Gain an Electrical Engineering Degree?

To get a good job in the field of electronic engineering, one will have to have at oscilloscopeleast a bachelor’s degree. An associate’s degree could help to get the foot in the door, but most jobs that pay well and that will be of the sort you want do require a bachelor’s degree at minimum. Traditionally, earning a bachelor’s degree will take four years. However, depending on the workload, this could take a bit longer or it could be possible to go through accelerated learning at some schools. In general, you will need to spend at least four years getting your degree though.

However, those who want to take it a step further may wish to spend additional time in school to earn a master’s degree. Most of the master’s degree programs are two to three years long, but some students may spend more time researching, or they may have not have a flexible schedule and can only take a limited number of courses at a time, which could prolong the process for up to five years.

Even though it can take more time to earn the master’s degree, many electrical engineers feel it is well worth it. For starters, it increases their earning potential quite a bit. It also allows them to work on varied types of projects and jobs that they may find more intriguing.


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