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Who Participates?

piston seal kitStudents from many different countries around the world participate in this event. Some of the countries that have chapters and that participate in the competition include the United States, UK, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Hungary. In the United States, the competition takes place in California and Michigan. In Australia, the Formula SAE Australasia takes place in Victoria at Victoria University’s Werribee Campus.

The team members need to be active college students, as this creates certain restrictions to make the competition fair across the board. For example, the college students will have limited time available, as well as limited experience and skill sets. This can make the problem solving portions as the team is designing the vehicles more intense, and that helps to give the students the feel of working in a high-pressure situation in the real world.

Rules and Restrictions to the Competition

Aside from the rule that only students can participate, Formula SAE also has some other rules. For example, the engine needs to be a four-stroke, Otto-cycle piston engine that has a displacement of no more than 610cc. The cars also need to have two steel roll hoops for safety. There are no weight or suspension requirements.

This competition gives engineers of many different disciplines the chance to come together and work on a single project from the ground up. The competition is very fun and challenging in a host of different ways. The engineers and designers must all come to agreements about how to develop the vehicle if they hope to have any chance of succeeding, and this provides them with a glimpse at how a real engineering team works out in the real world. The competition, while entertaining, gives the students insight into what it will be like working with others down the line, and is an experience they just can’t find elsewhere.